Earlier this month, I was out with some friends when I had a “fish oil moment.” I know that sounds silly. Who has moments with fish? But that is how I like to describe it when I get that sneaky little feeling that lets me know I’m doing something right for my health and it’s paying off.

So that’s a lot of technical talk and acronyms but there is something else that most people overlook. More is not always better. In fact, more can often be worse because when you get too much fish oil in one shot your body will try to purge it out and you will absorb very little of it. In general your body can’t really absorb more than 1 gram or 1000 milligrams of Omega 3 at a time. So be wary of any supplement higher than that as it is just a waste of your money.

As I mentioned above, larger fish hold toxins in their fat. This means Lakseolie petworld, shark oil, and other oils made from large fish pose a certain risk to your health when you are exposed over a long period of time.

This new product gives 1000mg to 4000mg (approximately) of Omega 3 Fatty Acids going by the daily dosage directives. The LifeSpan is the source of the ideal blend of Omega Fatty Acids required in the diet of a dog. Furthermore, it optimizes the amount of Omega-6 Linoleic Acid that is responsible for eliminating pains and arthritis due to improved immune system response, aging and healthy heart support. In addition, LifeSpan gives 190mg to 760mg of Omega 6 Fatty Acids approximately.

Gone were pork fat, butter and heavy whipping cream. Olive Salmon Oil for puppies, Smart Balance and turkey burger became main staples. Salt, fat and cholesterol were cut dramatically.

Many experience side effects such as allergies, vomiting, bloating and nausea. A lot also say they dislike the fishy burps they emit as a result of taking this kind of supplement.

I have to say, I’m worried about her. I’ve printed up the evidence, and I’m hoping she’ll agree that she needs that salmon oil. I’ll feel better once she’s “sucked it up” and swallowed today’s fish oil pill…