A lot of people are asking about TagVillage and how they can earn money from it. This website is becoming more and more popular in the online communities. Some even claim that this is the next Facebook. So what exactly is TagVillage? Is this a legitimate make-money scheme?

For better or worse, the online application is here to stay. So, how do you know which resume version to use? Are you supposed to upload it? It can certainly be confusing, so I’m sharing my online job application rules which I send out to each client attached to their final documents. These rules have been proven to work and I strongly recommend following each one!

Possible choices: networking and/or business groups; business journal, chamber advertising, web based networking groups – such as BlitzTime, newspaper, direct mail, inserts, trade shows, e-marketing, billboard, radio, TV, internet advertizing, blogging – such as Ezine, website optimization, sponsored links on search engines and social networks such as Join me on LinkedIn.

People like Twitter because it’s simple. It allows you to get to the gist of the subject instead of having to read or watch a video, etc. Yes, people are that impatient. That’s the microwave society we live in where we want something and we want it ten minutes ago. But you can use that to your advantage when you think of social networking in those terms. By using Twitter, you’re able to give people a bit of what you’re talking about so that they can click on your link to find out more. But if you want people to respond to your Twitter, whether you’ve Tweeted directly or you’ve had it updated through Posterous, you need to intrigue people with the Tweets you leave.

Start a free business blog. There are many sites online that offer free blogs, Blogger and WordPress are two of the most popular blogging platforms online. It important for your blog to provide valuable information that you think your customers or blog visitors will want to read.

I view these noise-makers as an opportunity. Instead of adding to the noise, when you communicate with authenticity and provide value, you will stand out above the noise. People will naturally be drawn to what you are doing.

So, as a manager of yourself and leader of others, constantly ask how you’re helping customers. Remember the emphasis is on paying customers, not just “opportunities.” Don’t rationalize here. If someone is a “potential customer” they are on trial. If they emerge as a paying customer within a reasonable period of time – that’s wonderful. If not, put them into a back-burner mode where you can stay in touch (they might become paying customers in the future or recommend you for someone else). However, your emphasis has to be on paying customers – if you want to stay in business!